Schrack Technik GmbH, Wien

Products Availability

Let us inform you about speeding up deliveries from the central warehouse in Jeddah towards you.

If you send the order until noon on: sales(at)

You will receive the goods the following working day in some exceptional cases within 2 days.

Information on the availability 7 days a week, 24 hours a day we realize that the rapid delivery of products and the accurate information about the possible availability are the key to success not only in your business.

We will have products ready for immediate delivery and for your easy handling, we introduced different symbols, showing you the state of availability of the products.

On delivery

  • 1-2 working day: The product is available from the Jeddah, Riyadh or Al Khobar stock and ready for shipping and delivery the next working day.
  • Jeddah 2 weeks: The product is in stock at Schrack Technik Group Austria and is ready to be sent to the Headquarter in Jeddah within 2 weeks
  • Jeddah 3 weeks: The product is on backorder at Schrack Technik Group Austria and is available for delivery to the Headquater in Jeddah within 3 weeks