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    Control Instruments and Signal Indicators

Operator Control Instruments and Signal Indicators

Control instruments and signal indicators are used to control automated processes or to start or stop a machine. In case of “imminent danger”, i.e. in an emergency, the emergency power off (EPO) and emergency stop switches or push-buttons are used.
In the event of an operating failure or an interruption, the display signals alert the operators to prevent that anybody gets hurt or to avoid the operating failure to remain undetected.

Operator Control Instruments

  • Push-buttons latching or momentary (spring return)
  • Rotary, selector or key switches latching or momentary (spring return)
  • Double push-buttons, mushroom push-buttons
  • Coordinate switches (a.k.a. joysticks)
  • Potentiometers
  • Emergency power-off (EPO) and emergency stop switches

Signal Indicators

  • Indicator lights, illuminated push buttons
  • Illuminated rotary/selector switches
  • Acoustic signal indicators
  • Signal pillars (optical and/or acoustic)

Schrack Technik not only provides all operator control instruments and signal indicators in different shapes, sizes and designs, including models with LED technology in the MS and MM Series, our product range also includes a comprehensive selection of accessories. This includes for example: Labels and warning signs, wall-mounted enclosures, mounting aids, protective covers, and much more!