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  • Modular Contactors

    Automation rules everything – modular contactors from Schrack Technik control and activate automatic processes and safeguard appliances against phase failure or overload.

Modular Contactors

Building technology gets increasingly dominated by automated processes. As requirements become more complex, high quality is a must for automation. This also applies to homes and households, where more and more processes take place automatically. This is a new field of application for modular contactors. At present, most automated processes in our household appliances are isolated from one another. There are timers in our microwave ovens, our washing machines and in our dish washers and we can set each appliance to run at a specified time. In the future, as appliances become increasingly networked, interconnectivity will be a major functionality where external parameters control these devices.

Modular Contactors

Modular contactors can be used to automate processes in buildings and facilities (using a variety of possible parameters).

Common usage scenarios for modular contactors: Modular contactors are chiefly used in the field of facilities installations: to switch and control lighting systems, heating, ventilation, pumps, heat pumps or air conditioning and other building automation requirements.

To select the suitable modular contactor it is necessary to know the required operating load and currents. It is also important to note whether direct current or alternating current applies.

Schrack Technik offers modular contactors with a coil voltage of either 24 V or 230 V (AC). AC/DC coil models (hum-free) are available on request.


  • Light circuits
  • Ohmic loads
  • Small three-phase AC drives

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