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    SCHRACK TECHNIK TOOLLESS LINE is a copper cabling system which is outstanding in its easy installation and high performance. Quick to install, no special tools needed - that’s what makes SCHRACK TECHNIK TOOLLESS LINE so convincing.

TOOLLESS LINE: The Details Make the Difference

The limit values defined in the applicable standards for sustainable 10 GB/s IT cabling in Europe and the USA show considerable differences.

In the past, these limit values for generic structured cabling categories in the different regions (Europe and USA) used to be very similar.


But since the components were further developed into category 6A in a class EA channel for bandwidths up to 500 MHz the limit values have become distinctly different.

The EN 50173 standard applicable in Europe, which is derived from the global ISO/IEC 11801 standard, includes a significantly broader span than the TIA/EIA standard valid in the USA.

The limits specified by the ISO/IEC 11801 standard are considerably more rigid, which must be met by every single component involved. This quality assurance measures ensure that electrical engineers and electricians as well as consumers enjoy a much higher level of functional safety and reliability and a broader transmission capacity.

As a result, products with individual components certified CAT6A ISO/IEC 11801 can hardly be compared with those only certified ISO/IEC class EA channel, let alone with those certified a CAT6A TIA/EIA.


Another module with outstanding product properties has been added to the proven modular product family “TOOLLESS LINE” by SCHRACK Technik.


In addition to the tried and tested SO FAST, SO EASY, SO SCHRACK connection system the circuit board compensation and the guiding mechanism for the separate gold-plated contacts were matched to comply with the demanding CAT6A 10 GB/s 500 MHz ISO/IEC 110801 AMD 2 (2010-04) standard.


To meet these high requirements and render all individual components compliant with CAT6A 10 GB/s 500 MHz ISO/IEC 110801 AMD 2 (2010-04) in the single component rests, all components relevant for the signal transfer were completely redesigned. The result speaks for itself and was certified by the independent, accredited GHMT High Frequency Testing Institute. Moreover, with our Cat7 1000 MHz cable (HSEKP423HB) we are offering a 2-connector 90 m permanent link and a 10 m short link.

In addition to the transmission enhancements the 360° shield contact has been further improved.

The TOOLLESS LINE MODUL Cat6A 10 GB/s 500 MHz ISO/IEC 11801 RE-EMBEDDED has been fitted with an elastic shield contact, which covers the cable and the shielding. This shield contact is now permanently integrated in the EMC-proof housing. As a result, the cable is automatically connected with the correct pressure applied for uninterrupted shielding. In addition, the integrated shield contact (no cable ties needed) is terminated correctly as soon as the module is closed. There is no way possible to make continuous shielding more easy, quick and safe. Whenever the module needs to be reopened - which may be necessary in real-life situations - this can now be done easier than ever. There is also a plug-in option for equipotential bonding.

Our TOOLLESS LINE MODUL CAT6A 10 GB/s 500 MHz ISO/IEC 11801 RE-EMBEDDED includes a dust protection flap which can be simply clipped on when needed. This better protects the pins from dust and lint. Please note that our TOOLLESS LINE DATA SOCKETS are regularly fitted with dust protection flaps. We therefore recommend using them only in combination with the TOOLLESS LINE PATCHPANEL.

Be careful to read the different standards correctly

Be careful to read the limit values of the different standards correctly

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